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4 Oct 2010
A voluntary blood donation camp was organised by PERSISTENT FITNESS CENTER,

on 04 Oct. 2010. A team from Hospital, blood bank conducted the camp, wherein 50 youth came forward to donate blood.

13 Oct 2010
Gym memberships offer healthy discounts for Pick hours & Off Pick hours from 10 Nov. 2010 to 15 Dec. 2010.

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Social Activities
Curious about what the future holds? Here's a sneak peek at some emerging trends in fashion, technology, entertainment and human behavior, from the most recent issue of The Intelligence Group's Cassandra Report: The Future Issue.
The Internet has made DLY easier than ever for consumers. The ability to customize, personalize, and even distribute original products requires just the click of a mouse. But for those in search of something truly custom, something completely original, an emerging crop of services is putting the power of production in the hands of consumers. Desktop manufacturing, or 3D printing, allows anyone with an idea for a 3D object to have it produced, and even sold, at a relatively low cost. Desktop manufacturing sites such as Ponoko and Shapeways give step-by-step, easy to follow instructions, which merely require DIYers to submit a sketch of the desired object, either in 2D or 3D. Everything from jewelry, tools, furniture and toys are possible through 3D printing.
People trying to make ends meet or get their foot in the door of a new industry commonly turn to working multiple jobs. However, as the economy slows and times get tougher, many people are increasingly using their on-the-clock time at one job to work on projects for another job, spawning a new workforce of those moonlighting by day, aka "daylighting." As this trend grows, it is expected to have an increasing influence on the workplace. Employers may eventually entice potential new hires by having a policy that permits daylighting as long as employees are still able to excel in their positions and meet deadlines. Someday we may even see companies collaboratively hiring; if an employee can successfully work double duty during one shift, it could benefit the two separate employers to be aware of the arrangement and even jointly pay the salary.
  Ubiquitous Social Networking
Many tech industry insiders are forecasting that in the next 5-10 years, social networks will be an ever-present part of people's lives, available wherever one wants them to be and interconnected with everyday activities. Where today one sits down at a computer, goes to a destination website (Gmail, eBay, Facebook, AIM, etc.) and logs into their account, the evolution of open platform systems will make social networking an embedded online functionality, automatically combining all of one's personal digital footprint into a single universal identity. Additionally, tech advancements and omnipresent WiFi will enable this identity to be everywhere all the time so that communication and connection can happen in real time. To give a real life example, ubiquitous social networking might work something like this: You IM with a friend about going to a birthday party, Amazon recommends an appropriate gift, Facebook Events automatically pulls up which of your other friends are planning to go, and Google Maps suggests the quickest possible route to the party. The user receives all this information without having to seek out and log in to each individual site.
Happy or sad, stressed or ultra-relaxed, romantic or angry, the average person generally experiences a variety of moods throughout the course of a day, all of which typically alter thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs. Realizing the potential of a mood-focused product or service, brands are starting to create just that to cater to those many facets of one's personal taste. Interactive music search site Musicovery lets visitors search for songs and artists by moods such as Dark or Energetic. Moodstream by Getty Images uses mood as a tool to filter audio, video, and stills, letting users customize search with moods such as Lively, Humorous, Nostalgic and Intense. IFeelLondon allows users to search for places in London based on how they feel; categories include Naughty, Hungover, Manly, and Broke.
People wear clothing for many reasons: to protect themselves from the elements, to show personal style, to identify with a group or team. How about to take their vitamins? Or maybe filter the air around them? Applying nanotechnology to textiles, researchers have discovered that the concept of functional fashion may not be so far away after all and have already begun to create products that do more than just look good. By applying microscopic nano-particles to the surface of fabric, researchers can produce textiles that perform a variety of functions. Because these particles are so tiny, there is no effect on the feel or drape of the fabric, and because the particles block larger dirt particles from reaching the surface of the fabric, nano-textiles don't need to be cleaned as frequently as regular fabrics. While still at the very beginning stages, functional fashion items, ranging from stain-resistant pants to anti-microbial underwear, have already hit store shelves.
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